20140917_Moz-FEMMIES-Sept-2014-graduationFEMTECH™ (Pty) Ltd is a South-African-based company established in 2012 by Dr Jill Sawers and Tina James.


The programme evolved from a US-led initiative in South Africa in 2008, and now offers a comprehensive modular training programme for women entrepeneurs who wish to grow their businesses substantially.
It is underpinned by a Train-the-Trainer programme to allow local capacity building of women trainers. This has been implemented in three African countries (Namibia, Tanzania and Mozambique).
It is innovative in that it adopts a strong participatory methodology with emphasis on experiential learning and self-actualization processes.


Very few women start growth businesses, an area for concern given that the growth of entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming a key pillar in national economic growth strategies.


More direct interventions are needed to create a pipeline of women entrepreneurs who are able to grow beyond survivalist or lifestyle businesses.

Likewise, there is a need to grow the number of incubation managers in Africa (both women and men), who will have a deeper understanding of the specific requirements of women who take the courageous step into entrepreneurship.


This is the reason why FEMTECH™ came into being – to stimulate the development of a pipeline of women starting growth businesses, while also creating a cadre of certified women trainers who can take the programme forward in their own countries.